Blogs are community essentials

Don’t let anyone tell you that blogs come second when it comes to community.

When you run a community site, you want your members to have their own spaces and their own identity. That’s where blogs come in.

Myspace, Facebook and are all built entirely on this principle – every user has their very own, customisable, powerful and independent area – and with an Incsub blog community you can provide exactly the same thing.

Only, we like to think, a bit better.

As a community site you can use blogs in a whole heap of ways:

  • Give users the ability to set up their own spaces by geographic area to talk about their own places – you can then automatically aggregate these into a global portal
  • Start a community publication – each blog is like a columnist and you can link to them from the front page (or sub pages for different topics)
  • Incorporate eCommerce functionality – if your community happens to be an artists’ one why not let them sell their work through it (you can even take a cut!)
  • Start no end of conversations -blogs promote and support conversations far better than forums (having said that, we’ll integrate forums for you too!) – once you start connecting different users up with our Friends features you’ll see some amazing results.

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