Blogs in a corporate context

There’s little worse than doing corporate blogs badly.

This is where we can help you, not only with the technology, but also the strategy.

If you’re looking at using blogs for business communication, we’ve worked with major PR agencies (like Burson-Marsteller), Universities (like La Trobe) and large corporations (we can’t say who just yet!) to advise on using blogs for executive communications, marketing and internal communications.

How might you consider using blogs – well.

  • They are a great tool to provide your executives with to enable them to have real conversations with employees, clients and the business community – or just to help raise and enhance your profile
  • Blogs can radically change how your product managers, sales staff and even engineers can communicate with your customer base, you’ll be amazed at the difference a dash of openness can make
  • In terms of internal communications they can make a great tools for publications, extended conversational networks or just getting your people to talk to each other

We’re able to make sure that the systems and tools you use are

  • Perfectly designed to fit your needs
  • Integrated with your existing user databases (like LDAP) to provide seamless sign-on across your networks
  • Are Search Engine Optimized, professional-looking and entirely safe and secure
  • Meet and exceed the latest standards for web accessibility

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