Using blogs in new media

It’s tough to find a respected online news and information site these days that hasn’t incorporated blogs in some way, and there’s a good reason for that – they work.

As Online Community Editor at The Age, James Farmer (co-founder of Incsub) managed the development of an extensive network of bloggers for Fairfax Digital. Within six months, blogs accounted for over 3 million Page Impressions a month and over 20% of the site’s non-frontpage traffic – all for less than you’d pay one senior journalist annually.

As a media organisation you can use blogs to:

  • Take ownership of niche content areas for very little cost
  • Provide spaces for discussion and reader interaction, without cumbersome bulletin board functionality
  • Get existing writers engaging with online media, in ways you never thought were possible
  • Simply incorporate video, podcasts, slideshows and all manner of multimedia into your reporting, feature and opinion pieces
  • Solicit citizen media without having to rely on email

But you don’t have to stop there. Also consider providing blogs to your readership, in order to:

  • Gain ownership of the online conversational space in you’re area or community
  • Source often brilliant content from readers that you can reuse across the site
  • Dramatically improve your search engine visibility and stats
  • Provide soapboxes for far more sophisticated debate and discussion than comments will ever allow
  • Gain revenue from premium upgrades, features and extra advertising opportunities
  • Turn your readers into users, and then provide them with other services

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