Blog & Email Editor

WPMU DEV is world-renowned for its quality WordPress blog, pun-tastic WhiP newsletter and other excellent emails. As our new blog and email editor, you’ll continue to carry the torch whilst putting your own spin on things.

You’ll even need your own superhero name, let’s think this one through for a moment… Blogitor… Blog-i-TOR… Blog-ed-i-TOR… Could be your cool new superhero name? No? It’s ok, you can work on that.

  • You’ll be responsible for the overall success of our blog and all of our emails, diving deep on analytics and devising ways to drive traffic
  • Assisting our COO in recruiting quality team members
  • Managing our writing and social media team along with the editorial calendar
  • Determining topics and facilitating article development
  • Ensuring blog output frequency
  • Liaising with the design team to get the perfect article images
  • Creating your own weekly article in addition to roundups and our WhiP newsletter
What we're looking for in a person
  • Perfect, clear, engaging English that’s both a pleasure to roll through and super easy to read
  • A technical geek – You don’t need to be a coder but it would be an impressive bonus
  • A portfolio of work you’re proud of – show us you’ve grown your own following
  • Independence – you’ll be the editor, so we shouldn’t need an editor to edit the editor (tongue twister)
  • Someone that wants to (and will typically) work 40 hours per week
Job Benefits
  • Offer very attractive working conditions as part of an amazing team
  • Up to 35 days paid leave per year
  • Opportunities for paid travel to attend WordCamps and other industry conferences
  • Long service leave with a whopping 3 months off, and it’s all paid
  • Up to 2 months payroll bonus based on company growth
  • Technology budget every three years
  • Yearly productivity budget. Buy a new chair or desk, take yourself to WordCamps and develop professionally, grab a gym membership to keep you in good health or anything that helps you be you!
One last thing! - Application Task

As the blog and email editor, you’re going to be primarily responsible for really making the site and newsletters sing. You’re going to be willing to do anything at all to dream up, facilitate, polish and promote the best content out there… with one eye constantly on the stats.

So, please share a detailed* example demonstrating how you’ve done this before. From your own site to working for a major media publisher, show us how you’ve nailed it.

But of course, the first step to being a great editor is… being a great writer. And this role will require at least 1 post a week plus taking care of the newsletters personally, after all, you wanna connect with your readers and there’s no better way to do that than by being read.

So, please also share with us your 3 top published posts, articles or stories – they don’t need to be about WordPress, they just need to be awesome.

*We’re looking for more than a paragraph about how great you are as an editor here, anything application that doesn’t include this won’t be considered, sorry!

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Blog & Email Editor

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