Front end to Full stack Developer, join the world-famous WPMU DEV

Our band of superheroes are looking for a self-driven, highly organised individual who will join the team in creating our most important products.


You’ll be part of a development team working on our flagship products, it’s gonna be epic!

For this role, we need a superhero who will take on the challenges of working in one of the leading WordPress companies, enhancing our website, products, and services, backed by a quality team of pros.

Bonus Points:

– Write code with accessibility and web standards in mind

– Experience with latest CSS features (e.g. grid, flexbox, animation, svg, etc)

– Experience with ES2015+/ES6 and up to date with newest ECMAScript specifications

– Git experience – Front-end performance optimisation


You’ll be incredibly talented and proficient with the following:

– CSS (BEM methodology), Sass (SCSS) and the latest HTML5 standards – RWD with mobile-first approach

– An awesome understanding of JS (Vanilla JS, not just jQuery), React

– Automation tools like Webpack or/and Gulp – You’re going to be highly familiar with WordPress and developing on the WordPress platform, that, of course, means you’ll have intimate knowledge of PHP

– A willingness to learn anything else that’s needed to evolve both our business and your skillset.

– Ability to set accurate deadlines and hit them – Great communication skills essential for remote work

Job Benefits

Once you pass our paid trial, we’ll also throw in 28-days paid vacation time each year, woohoo! And that is only one of our awesome employee benefits.

This will be a full-time role, we’d expect a minimum of 40 hours per week and your sole attention. If you can do more hours, that would be awesome!

There will be a task to complete as part of the job process!

We look forward to welcoming you to our team, a new superhero!

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Front end to Full stack Developer, join the world-famous WPMU DEV

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