Security Expert


Let’s keep this simple. You, us, a superhero team that villains will tremble in their boots at just the thought of.

This listing is for a trial to join our team of superheroes. If you’re not sure who WPMU DEV is, that’s us, you can Google if you want to learn more. ;)

We require a security export that can identify security vulnerabilities. Our platform is WordPress, so it would help for you to be versed in that. As well as identifying security issues, you’ll be patching and helping us build our own WAF. You’ll also be cleaning up websites and putting in place automated procedures to help identify and fix those issues.

You’ll be working with our system admins as well as other incredible members of our team to create and expand upon our newest product.

We have a nice little test for all applicants. Attached is a WordPress plugin (click to download), we’ve purposely added a couple of issues in there, you need to identify them and then list:

  • Each issues
  • Why it’s an issue
  • How it should be fixed

We don’t need code or an in-depth analysis, just an outline so we know you know your stuff!

This test has been devised (we put the security issues in there) specifically for this job listing, if it’s not completed, we won’t interview. If you miss any of the issues, we won’t interview. We only want those capable of being awesome and we tire of seeing applicants that are no where near capable of doing the job. So if you want to be in with a chance, do the test and send it in with your application ;)

Finally, the good stuff. Once on our team we’re happy to pay 20-days time off a year. Pay for you to attend WordCamps and speak. Long service leave (3 months off paid) after you’ve been with us for a while and other perks. :)

Our team is at around 100 strong, will you be the next?

You will be asked to answer the following questions when submitting a proposal:

  1. You have only one superpower, what is it, why, and how will you use it?
  2. What’s the most heroic thing you’ve done?
  3. Tell us about your greatest failure and what you learnt from that?


  • Are a security expert with experience in WordPress development
  • Have a passion for getting things done well and bringing products to market
  • Can demonstrate this to us from your experience, an interview and through trial tasks
  • Love your work, are looking for an opportunity where you can love it even more
  • Want to work in an established medium sized company, with a start-up culture (all of the good, none of the bad)
  • And are excited about helping us transform WordPress security


  • Want to offer you the most enjoyable, flexible, challenging role you've ever had
  • Will provide you with all the tools, support and backing you need to get the job done
  • Offer very attractive renumeration and working conditions for the right candidate
  • Provide established local and remote teams that you'll love to work with
  • Are growing, fast, and this is your chance to get in on the ground floor
  • Pay for you to attend WordCamps and speak
  • pay 20-days time off a year
  • Long service leave (3 months off paid) after you've been with us for a while


Then fill out the blanks & we’ll be in-touch.

Hi Incsub, I’m and I'm interested in your position. You can e-mail me at . Here's a link to my resume . Oh, and here's more about me...


Security Expert