Full Stack UX Designer


You know that dream UX design job?

The one where you get to take the reins, impose your vision, create beautiful things every day, that are loved and used by millions of people every month.

Working with great front and back-end developers, so you can focus on intuitive and elegant digital product experiences with a dash of straightforward beauty.

In a fantastic new office, rammed with dual screen iMacs, up by the Shrine in South Melbourne, where we’re expanding our local design and creative team to work with our existing 70-odd-people-around-the-globe-setup.

To work on making everything WPMU DEV better, and better, and better.

And Edublogs, and CampusPress, and cool new stuff we haven’t even thought of yet… hey, got any ideas?

Oh, and you’ll thoroughly enjoy the relaxed culture, friday lunches, massively non-hierarchical setup and opportunity to come up with and drive forward the things that you care about most.



  • Are a digital UX designer
  • Have a cracking portfolio that shows just how good you are
  • Can both wireframe and hand over pixel perfect design to developers
  • Love your work, are looking for an opportunity where you can love it even more
  • Want to work in an established medium sized company, with a start-up culture (all of the good, none of the bad)
  • And are excited about, well, this


  • Want to offer you the most enjoyable, flexible, challenging role you've ever had
  • Will provide you with all the tools, support and backing you need to get the job done.
  • Offer very attractive renumeration and working conditions, this is a full time and ongoing role with super & holidays and all that jazz
  • Provide an established local design team that you'll love to work with
  • Are growing, fast, and this is your chance to get in on the ground third floor :)
  • Provide heaps of awesome perks... from trips to New York to in-house personal training


Then fill out the blanks & we’ll be in-touch.

Hi Incsub, I’m and I'm interested in your position. You can email me at . Here's a link to my portfolio , and here's one to my cv . Oh, also...


Full Stack UX Designer