01. On the look-out

If you're interested in joining the leading commercial WordPress company on the web, you're in the right place. Based in Melbourne, and all over, we're on the hunt for awesome new team members to join our growing team of 35+ both here in the office and around the World.

  our Melbourne HQ

02. Positions





We may have been writing on the web for over a decade, but building the largest read WordPress blog and empowering millions of teachers and students to publish away does not a good copywriter make.

Good bloggers, yes, but good copy, not so much, too many commas, for a start.

So we need an engaging, enthusiastic, persuasive, technically-savvy copywriter to complete us… see what I mean about commas!

We’re looking for someone to come in and pick us up by our bootstraps, to re-work, improve and create new copy on WPMU DEV, Edublogs and a couple of ambitious upcoming projects that we’ll let you know more about at interview.

This role will be ideally be placed in Melbourne, but could go remotely to the write person (see what I did there?), working with our established team of wordsmiths, designers and business development and engaging directly with our 40+ overseas team of developers, support staff and especially promotional video guys.

It’s your chance to really make your mark across some of the largest web properties coming out of Australia, see immediate  results and to enjoy working in an established and growing company with a start up culture.

In terms of requirements, you should at the very least be familiar with WordPress, have demonstrable experience creating great promotional / sales copy, ideally with a technical bent, and be happy to complete the trial task below (to be submitted with your application, sorry, no applications accepted otherwise):

Application Task – Rewrite a Rubbish Project Page

We’ve got a plugin developed back when Google + was brand spanking new, you can tell this by the way we haven’t updated the copy since then :/

What we’d like you to do is correct that… install the plugin, give it a play, review the video, and write up a persuasive project page that would make pretty much anyone who lands on that page want to download it.

Our demographics are mostly male, North American, aged 18 – 45, well educated and technically savvy (most will describe themselves as a ‘web developer’), looking to use the plugin on their own or client projects. Most of them will be freelancers or in small web shops, although a significant proportion will be in a larger organisation. They like character and confidence, they don’t like sales nonsense and fluff.

And yes, this is pretty dry, the other work we have is much more engaging – but we wanted something short, obvious and straightforward first up, so do give it a crack.

And then post your new description online using Google drive or your favourite cloud service and share with us in your application made below.


Support Stars


We’re looking for awesome support peeps to join us Full Time (that’s 40+hrs / week) at WPMU DEV.

The role will involve:

  • Hanging out in our forums being massively friendly, helpful and useful
  • Assisting with and solving all manner of WordPress questions, with style!
  • Co-ordinating with our developers over bugs, features and cool new stuff
  • Updating and building great documentation
  • Fielding email inquires from existing and potential new members
  • Being an active part of the Incsub team
  • Sharing cat photos, amusing videos and animated gifs

Location is unimportant, as long as you are available, enthusiastic, committed, passionate, moreorless permanently online and know your WordPress.

And there are a heap of opportunities there too, some of the most important folk in Incsub have started off doing support.

Show us why you are worth it, and why we should do anything we can keep you happy.