01. On the look-out

If you're interested in joining the leading commercial WordPress company on the web, you're in the right place. Based in Melbourne, and all over, we're on the hunt for awesome new team members to join our growing team of 35+ both here in the office and around the World.

  our Melbourne HQ

02. Positions



Biz Dev Lead


We’d love you to consider joining us to lead new business development through online marketing, product development and team management.

Before you even start you’re looking at an established paying customer base in the tens of thousands, a monthly audience in excess of 7.5 million visitors and an established design, development, writing and video team of 40+ spread around the World and headquartered here in Melbourne.

It’s your chance to take the reigns at up-and-coming tech firm Incsub, and drive user acquisition, conversion and retention across WPMU DEV, Edublogs and a couple of ambitious upcoming projects that we’ll let you know more about at interview.

You’ll be working side by side with our leadership, writing and design teams in Bay Street, Port Melbourne (just by the beach) – with all the resources you need to make our goals happen, and an opportunity to make a serious name for yourself.

This is a full time and ongoing position, with significant flexible and negotiable compensation options, the opportunity to build out your own team over time and to share in our success.

In terms of requirements, you should have experience, proven success and be happy to answer the questions in at least two of the following areas:

  • Business development background – we’ve bootstrapped Incsub from zero to where it is now with a super lean budget, what have you gotten off the ground (or into the stratosphere) without having a massive budget? How did you go about that? What would you change if you did it again?
  • User acquisition track record – the getting of relevant, profitable and engaged visitors through partnerships, organic, referral, email, social, remarketing, ppc and more… show us how you’ve driven some serious traffic. Do a bit of research, what’s WPMU DEV’s traffic like compared to our competitors? Based off this research, what opportunities would you consider opportune for us if you had the role? Why?
  • Conversion optimisation stories - you know your way around google analytics (or equivalent) like a pro, and have used it combined with Clicktale / Usertesting / Optimizely / Kissmetrics / Custom AB Tests / Other-site-improvement-or-testing-platform, to great effect… let us know what you did, how it went and what you’d do differently next time.

You’ll need to make available to us a document illustrating the expertise you possess. We won’t reply otherwise. Don’t take it the wrong way, it’s just a super easy way to filter out who actually cares about the position. You will also need to undertake a number of practical trial tasks as part of the interview process.

We’re worth it, hopefully you are too, looking forward to talking soon.


Support Stars


We’re looking for awesome support peeps to join us Full Time (that’s 40+hrs / week) at WPMU DEV.

The role will involve:

  • Hanging out in our forums being massively friendly, helpful and useful
  • Assisting with and solving all manner of WordPress questions, with style!
  • Co-ordinating with our developers over bugs, features and cool new stuff
  • Updating and building great documentation
  • Fielding email inquires from existing and potential new members
  • Being an active part of the Incsub team
  • Sharing cat photos, amusing videos and animated gifs

Location is unimportant, as long as you are available, enthusiastic, committed, passionate, moreorless permanently online and know your WordPress.

And there are a heap of opportunities there too, some of the most important folk in Incsub have started off doing support.

Show us why you are worth it, and why we should do anything we can keep you happy.