01. On the look-out

If you're interested in joining the leading commercial WordPress company on the web, you're in the right place. Based in Melbourne, and all over, we're on the hunt for awesome new team members to join our growing team of 35+ both here in the office and around the World.

  our Melbourne HQ

02. Positions



DevOps Engineer


We’re looking for a full-time DevOps Engineer with WordPress experience to join our existing team.

You can work from absolutely anywhere – we’ve got folks scattered around the world and a main office in Melbourne, Australia.

If you love building cloud services, are excited about taking on the infrastructure for Edublogs, one of the top five blog networks on the web, our CampusPress managed WordPress hosting service, and working with a crack crew at WPMU DEV – then this is for you.

In this role, you’ll be migrating large and complex WordPress sites of well known organizations to our hosting environments. You’ll work collaboratively with software developers to deploy and operate our systems. Help automate and streamline our operations and processes. You will build and maintain tools for testing, deployment, monitoring and operations. And you will troubleshoot and resolve issues in our various dev, test and production environments.

You’ll be managing on a day-to-day basis our extensive systems across Amazon Web Services, Peer1, Digital Ocean, Cloudflare and beyond, ensuring insanely good uptime, staggering speeds, ridiculous redundancy and demonstrating and developing your high-performance, high-throughput website operation experience.

Come and work with us alongside our existing awesome crew.


Core Developer - Upfront


We are looking for at least one core developer for our exciting new WordPress design platform, Upfront.

As well as working across leading WP site WPMU DEV, the enormous Edublogs and a few more secret cool new projects.

The person we are looking for is an advanced JavaScript developer with serious web application development experience and a very strong knowledge of WordPress.

You should be expert in PHP and have at least some SASS and CSS3 experience, backbone.js familiarity would be a serious bonus.

As well as being able to work independently and creatively to overcome specification and functionality challenges.

And most importantly, you should be excited about breaking new ground in these technologies, because that’s what we’re doing.

Candidates don’t need to be based in Melbourne, but if you are you can join us in our new South Melbourne digs. If you are overseas that’s cool, most of our team already is.

You’ll be working on a shipping-driven, flexible and fun team, doing challenging work, learning new stuff all the time, and making awesome products that’ll be enjoyed by millions of users.

Oh, and take your time over the text box below, we won’t be able to reply to any applicants who don’t fill it out in full (we generally get 100s of applications for every position, so this is a great way to filter out all the people who don’t read / take the time to research the role).

It’ll be fun! And challenging! In a good way :) C’mon, give it a go! Support Stars


We’re looking for awesome support peeps to join us Full Time (that’s 40+hrs / week) at WPMU DEV to provide full time support at for *anything* to do with WordPress.

The role will involve:

  • Hanging out in the being massively friendly, helpful and useful
  • Assisting with and solving all manner of WordPress questions, with style!
  • Co-ordinating with developers over bugs, features and cool new stuff
  • Being an active part of the Incsub team
  • Sharing cat photos, amusing videos and animated gifs

Location is unimportant, as long as you are available, enthusiastic, committed, passionate, moreorless permanently online and know your WordPress.

And there are a heap of opportunities there too, some of the most important folk in Incsub have started off doing support.

Show us why you are worth it, and why we should do anything we can keep you happy.